Knowledge for a Better Tomorrow

Have pachyderm fever? Get up close and personal with your very own elephant!


Have you ever looked at an elephant and wondered what it was thinking? Have you wanted to know more about its travels, life experiences, and relationships with other elephants?

Utopia Scientific researchers have been studying the elephant population in the region of Mushara waterhole in Etosha National Park, Namibia for thirty years, and we've gotten to know these elephants on an individual basis. Our elephant sponsorship program allows you to get to know an elephant of your choice, while also contributing to elephant research and management.

Greg, the don
Frankie Fredricks, the don’s henchman
Smokey, king of the hill
Kevin, the bully
Luke Skywalker, solo flier but bonds when it counts
Willie Nelson, cowboy
Keith Richards, the dude
Tim, the don’s liaison and mentor to wayward teens
Jack Nicholson, the back slapping buddy
Tyler, teen rebel rouser

Sponsors can participate in this program at five different levels. You will receive a photo of your elephant with a detailed description of their physical features, approximate age, typical personality traits, status rank, who their buddies are, and who they tend to avoid. You will also get an update after the summer field season with a hormone profile and news about their key relationships. Proceeds from this program are used exclusively for ongoing research, conservation and monitoring activities of Etosha elephants by Utopia Scientific and MET research and management staff.

Find out more about these amazing animals and become a sponsor today! Please email us after making your donation and let us know which bull you want to sponsor. We will then email your sponsorship package.

Annual Sponsorship Levels
Individual US$ 100 N$ 600 EUR 50
Individual Gold / Classroom US$ 500 N$ 3,000 EUR 250
Corporate US$ 1,000 N$ 6,000 EUR 500
Corporate Gold US$ 5,000 N$ 20,000 EUR 2,500
Corporate Elite US$ 10,000 N$ 50,000 EUR 5,000