Knowledge for a Better Tomorrow

by Triple Helix Productions
in association with Utopia Scientific
A photo of an elephant
MY ELEPHANT ODYSSEY is a feature documentary about Dr. Caitlin O'Connell's 30-year journey to uncover the secrets of a desert elephant society in the rugged savannahs of northeast Namibia ... where she unexpectedly ends up as the main character in a soul-searching odyssey.

With lifespans similar to humans, elephants live rich social lives, steeped in family history and ritual that is also fraught with turmoil, where heartwarming displays of affection are juxtaposed with mortal combat, as elephant families fight for their very lives. Just as in human societies, elephant societies are shaped by internal and external pressures.

Caitlin, a world-renowned elephant expert, brings us into the world of six elephant families with an intimacy unique to her storytelling. She navigates subtle and not-so-subtle social influences within bloodlines for the audience and shows us how certain outcast individuals manage to survive against all odds. Based on thirty years of intense behavioral observations, MY ELEPHANT ODYSSEY is an exclusive window into a complex desert elephant culture told from a scientist’s point of view.

With support from donors like yourself, Dr. O'Connell and Utopia Scientific hope to lessen their need for investor contributions to make this film. Your donation helps ensure that a larger proportion of future proceeds from the film will go toward protecting elephants through research and conservation.

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